Safari West: The Guided Tour

 The Guided African Safari Tour

A guided “African Safari” style tour is available for an additional fee and is a major highlight for visitors. Regular tour prices are discounted for visitors lodging overnight. Reservations are recommended and children must be three years of age or older. Safari West Tour Jeep

Tours are about three hours in length. It involves riding and walking through the park’s 400 acre preserve. Visitors may take turns sitting on a raised bench seat where they may get a chance encounter with friendly animals. The walking portion includes up-close-and-personal experiences in the aviary, with cheetahs, and a visit to Lemur Island.Safari Tour Giraffe

Parts of the riding tour include driving over steep rocky terrain, which adds some excitement to the experience. You’ll need to hold on tight but have confidence, your guides know how to handle these mechanical beasts. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!Safari Tour Zebras

Some of the most exotic creatures live in this park. From different species of antelope (an Oryx, a Serval?!) to wildebeests and zebras. You won’t be disappointed! You will also appreciate the naturalistic habitats created for the animals. Don’t forget to bring your camera!  SafariWest Rhino

The Safari Tour for Nerds

You may also request a “Nerdy Tour.” Biologists or someone from the Research and Education Development department will discuss evolutionary theory and bio-geography. Nerdy Tours are not guaranteed but if you really, really want to get your nerd on, then booking a private tour is recommended. Whether on the African Safari tour or a Nerdy Tour, you will have fun while learning about some of the planet’s amazing creatures.  Safari West Tour Buses

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