Explore the Hidden Gem of Big Sur

Tucked away, along the Big Sur coast is Pfeiffer Beach. The turn off highway 1, taking visitors to the Pfeiffer Beach parking lot, may easily be missed if you go too fast. From the parking lot, walk along the tree-lined sandy path until it opens up to the beach. From here, you will want to explore one of Big Sur’s hidden gems.


Your breathe will be taken away by the unspoiled beauty of this hidden beach and the fascinating rock formations along the shore. We visited during one of the coldest winters and practically had the beach to ourselves. Take your time to explore the surroundings and breathe in some refreshing ocean air. Big Sur: Pfeiffer State Beach

Spectacular views of the ocean will be a delight for many photographers looking for some dramatic shots. Take a moment to listen to the powerful ocean waves crash against the towering rock formations.


If you look closely, you will also see the magnificent creatures which live along the rock formations and tidal pools. Colorful sea anemone and crabs are some of the beach’s residents. Having a good optical zoom lens will allow you to get those tough shots.


The surrounding landscape of Pfeiffer Beach is beautiful and serene. bigssur1

No matter where you drive along Highway 1 in Big Sur, you will be treated to endless scenic vistas.  bigssur

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